You’re stranded on a desert island for a year — and your only entertainment is watching the same movie over and over again, day after day…

What would your movie pick be? Something funny? Something hopeful? Something sentimental?

We asked the community what movie they would bring with them on a deserted island and here are the answers:

Local Hero (M. Stewart)
IQ (C. Manis)
The Graduate (J. Birkett)
Lonesome Dove (F. Train)
The Replacements (B. Berardino)
The Big Chill (R. Pfefer)
School of Rock (M. Weiss)
Groundhog Day (D. Pollard)
Singin’ in the Rain (D. Pollard)
American in Paris (D. Pollard)
Gone with the Wind (J. Silverman)
You’ve Got Mail (C. Welker)
Casablanca (J. Stephens)
The Birdcage (C. Colletti)
Under the Tuscan Sun (K + C. Preece)
Fifty First Dates (K + C. Preece)
The American President (K + C. Preece)
Love Actually (K + C. Preece)
Down Periscope (K + C. Preece)
Four Weddings and a Funeral (D. Grogan)
The Right Stuff (K + S. Landesman)
Trading Places (K + S. Landesman)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (K + S. Landesman)
Annie Hall (K + S. Landesman)
Chinatown (K + S. Landesman)
Swept Away (E. Bilhuber)
Cool Hand Luke (A. Klausner)
Midnight in Paris (A. Feerst)
The Godfather (D. Maine)
Nim’s Island
Blue Lagoon (1980)
Cape Fear
Out of Africa
The English Patient
Madagascar 3
Hannah and Her Sisters (J. Convery)
Dr. Zhivago (K. Morgan)