What’s the time frame?

We will be open Memorial Day Weekend, 2018, offering two film screenings. We will continue to offer select programming and events over the summer. The Grand Opening is currently planned for the weekend of September 28 – 30th!

Will the theater feature first-run releases?

Absolutely.  But with a greater emphasis on independent, foreign and documentary films – the kind of quality film programming you now drive many miles to see. The new Playhouse and Clive Davis Arts Center will offer the movies you love but also music performances, speaker series and much more.

What about parking?

Our most active time will be on weekends and in the evenings, when thankfully parking is most available.  We are working with our landlord and the town to re-stripe the parking lot directly in back of the Playhouse which will result in 50 dedicated spaces for our visitors. For a parking map, click here.

How do I make a donation?

Donations can be made online with a credit card or by mailing us a check. Feel free to call us to arrange any type of donation, or visit the Ways To Give page. Thank you for your support!