Best Movies By Farr: CORONA WATCH LISTS.  A curated list of fantastic film recommendations including lesser-known films that you may have missed. There’s a balanced mix of genres and moods, and of domestic, foreign, narrative and documentary titles. Enjoy!

Watch List #1. “Recent and (Better Than) Decent”: CLICK HERE.

Watch List #2. “Make Me Laugh”: CLICK HERE.

Watch List #3. “Food, Glorious Food”: CLICK HERE.

Watch List #4. “Thrills and Chills”: CLICK HERE

Watch List #5. “Docs to Stream“: CLICK HERE 

Watch List #6. “Great Outdoors“: CLICK HERE

Watch List #7. “All About Doctors“: CLICK HERE

Watch List #8. “Family Films“: CLICK HERE

Watch List #9. “Sports Movies“: CLICK HERE

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