Let’s Talk is a community conversation on mental health, focusing on informal discussions and friendly mutual aid* in a welcoming space for all.

Recognizing that healing begins with shared experiences, honest conversations, leading-edge knowledge and resources, Bedford Playhouse created and will continue public events that inform, inspire and connect.

Q & A with Andrew J. Gerber, M.D., Ph.D. June 29, 7:30pm
President and Medical Director, Silver Hill Hospital, New Canaan, Connecticut

Dr. Gerber will speak about the broken state of our mental health system and the importance of developing better social and emotional wellness programs in our schools, workplaces, and communities to improve mental health care.

Dr. Gerber will also discuss the important role of not-for-profit psychiatric hospitals in offering a continuum of care for patients, and adequately addressing the widespread problem of patients and their families ‘falling between the cracks’.

Dr. Gerber’s topic is particularly relevant as mental health systems will need to prepare for the rapidly growing mental illness crisis due to COVID-19.

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Q&A with Award-Winning Author Dr. Andrew Solomon July 12, 8pm

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*What is mutual aid? Mutual aid is the voluntary, reciprocal exchange of resources, ideas, and support for the mutual benefit of all individuals involved, without power dynamics or labels (similar to a conversation with a friend). This is different than going to a therapy session, where a mental health professional provides one-way treatment to a client from a position of authority. Mutual aid is not meant to be a substitute for professional mental health treatment, and we do not have mental health professionals present in this capacity at our events. Anyone in the group is welcome to do a “mental health check-in,” discuss something important to them, ask for or share resources, vent, or ask for advice.  To advance our mission as a community hub and welcoming space during difficult times, we hope you will join us for virtual gatherings and conversations – details coming soon.

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