Let’s Talk: The Science of Kindness – Rethinking Addiction and Everything Else

Anne-Marie Buckland

Let’s Talk: The Science of Kindness – Rethinking Addiction and Everything Else

Run Time: 90 min.
January 19, 2023 at 7pm

Anne-Marie Buckland is following her first sold-out talk on Narcissistic Abuse with another topic of interest: The Science of Kindness – Rethinking Addiction and Everything Else.

Recent neuroscience has shown what we all know instinctively about the healing effect of kindness. Kind encouragement from a teacher, coach or older sibling can nourish resiliency in a child, it also influences brain chemistry. It’s clear that people feel better when they are shown agape or brotherly love. Beyond kind words, although words carry great power, companionship and loving interaction above all soothes the weariest of souls creating fertile ground for one to emerge.

What if one’s earliest memories are dark and frightening? What if the first time a troubled youth finds a semblance of calm through the first drink, toke or piece of cake? How the brain of one who becomes addicted longs for that initial relief to be reexperienced is at the heart of the matter in addiction recovery. This causal conjunction of what millions endure is now addressable through brain mapping technology and a rarely utilized modality: love.

About Anne-Marie Buckland

Anne-Marie believes moving out of addictive patterns into freedom is the best
gift you can give yourself and everyone in your life. As a Recovery Coach, Anne-
Marie supports individuals toward becoming their own best resource for
healing maladaptive strategies. She is a proponent of Healing Centered
Engagement in trauma work, and Person-Centered therapy with a Strengths-
Based focus. She is also a motivational speaker who presents on surviving
narcissistic abuse and encouraging independence from toxic relationships.

Anne-Marie has taught Vinyasa Flow and Holy Yoga for 15 years and led large
Holy Yoga events in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. She designs yoga
practices for athletes recovering from injury as well as individuals in addiction
recovery. Anne-Marie taught visual art in public and private school
environments with an emphasis on world cultures and history. She also
choreographed dance performances at Cathedral School for Boys in San
Francisco and led groups of students in creating public installations in Half
Moon Bay, California and Park City, Utah. Anne-Marie is an avid hiker, telemark
skier, artist, and dancer.

Anne-Marie holds a B.A. degree from Middlebury College with a studio art
major and a M.S. degree in Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon
University. Anne-Marie’s individualized approach utilizes creativity, nature, and
mindfulness practices with attention to nutrition, movement, and client shaped
self-care routines.