Lifechangers: Betty Rollin

Betty Rollin

Lifechangers: Betty Rollin

Run Time: 90 min.
March 23, 2023 at 7pm

Betty Rollin is one of those people you just want to know. A pioneer in network news journalism– first as a print reporter, and then as an on air correspondent for network news she has won the coveted Emmy and Du Pont awards for her excellent reporting.

But Betty’s life is not just about reporting on others, but also, informing us about the world through her own life’s stories. Betty is an author, whose books are autobiographical, and have been made into TV movies, including “First You Cry” in which she depicts her own challenges with breast cancer, and “Last Wish” where she helps her mother die. Both of those stories were groundbreaking for their time, and it is Betty’s courage, and candor that set her apart from her peers. Please join us in conversation with this remarkable and unforgettable person.

Moderated by Nancy Steiner