Poster for Autism 101 with Dr. Stephen Kanne

Autism 101 with Dr. Stephen Kanne

Tue, Apr 13
  • Tue, Apr 13

Run Time: 60 min.

A presentation by Dr. Stephen Kanne from Weill-Cornell on how autism may present itself and how it is currently diagnosed and treated.

Dr. Kanne is the Director of the Center for Autism and the Developing Brain at Weill Cornell Medical School. Dr. Kanne’s current research interests focus on children with autism, targeting diagnostic tools, outcome measures, behavioral phenotyping, co-occurring symptoms, evidence-based therapies, and subthreshold symptoms. In addition to publishing in the areas of autism, Dr. Kanne has also published in the areas of cognitive neuropsychology, history of neuropsychology, and pediatric traumatic brain injury. Dr. Kanne is board certified in Clinical Neuropsychology. He also loves to teach and train, providing workshops nationally and internationally in autism.