Poster for Maybe It’s Not Just Experimentation: Mental Health and Substance Addiction

Maybe It’s Not Just Experimentation: Mental Health and Substance Addiction

Run Time: 60 min.

DID YOU KNOW: Substance misuse and mental health disorders often go hand in hand and can often worsen the course for both.  An astounding 10.2 million in this country alone have Co-Occurring Disorders.

FACT:  According to a 2007 study on the treatment of co-occurring disorders in adolescents, the time between the onset of a mental health disorder and subsequent substance use disorder is a “key window of opportunity” where co-occurring disorders can be prevented. (Treating Adolescents with Co-Occurring Disorders, Hills, 2007). Yet most parents have never heard of it.

Please join us for an important community conversation on Thursday, January 21st at 7pm with Dr. Jonathan Avery, Director of Addiction Psychiatry and an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and Stephanie Marquesano, Founder and President of the harris project.

Stephanie Marquesano

Attendees will learn more about the relationship between substance misuse, addiction and mental health disorders, the signs and symptoms of co-occurring disorders, how to overcome the barriers to effective treatment, and innovative opportunities in Westchester County in both prevention and treatment.

If you are a parent, you will not want to miss this important program.

“I thought my daughter was just using marijuana and alcohol as a rite of passage.  Even when it became apparent, she was addicted, we had no idea that she was in fact self-medicating her anxiety and depression.  By the time we discovered she had serious mental health issues, we were already on a terrifying, downward spiral.  One condition worsened the other and caused her life to spiral out of control.  I wish I had had this information available to me to help guide her treatment.  It would have made a world of difference”  –AZ