Notting Hill Valentine’s Day Special

Notting Hill Valentine’s Day Special

Run Time: 124 min.
February 14, 2023 at 7pm

Tickets: $30 Regular, $45 Premium
Members: $25.50 Regular, $38.25 Premium
Main Theater

Starring: Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Hugh Bonneville, Emma Chambers, James Dreyfus
Director: Roger Michell
Screenplay: Richard Curtis

Celebrate Valentines Day with the classic romantic comedy Notting Hill.

Bring your significant other, best friend(s) or treat yourself. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine, personal charcuterie board and a special dessert at your seat – all included with your ticket.

Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) is the world’s most famous movie star. Her picture has been plastered on the cover of every magazine, and every time she makes a move, the entire world knows about it.

William Thacker (Hugh Grant) owns a travel bookstore in the quaint neighborhood of Notting Hill. His business is stagnant, he has the roommate from hell and his love life is completely nonexistent.

Then one day, their paths cross and the couple comes to face the ultimate question: can two people fall in love with the whole world watching?

“… a romantic comedy that makes falling in love with a movie easy as pie!”

– Susan Stark, Detroit News

“Witty, sweet and genuine!”

– Bob Fenster, Arizona Republic

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