NYC&G Magazine, Bedford Playhouse + Brittany Bromley Interiors

are thrilled to announce the

VIP Tasting & Green Room

 at Bedford Playhouse


Generously Sponsored By The Following Luxurious and Notable Designers

R.C. Torre Construction ~ Brittany Bromley Interiors ~ JWH Design & Cabinetry ~ Vaughan ~ Bender ~ Thermador ~ Neolith ~ Infinity Stone ~ The Tailored Home ~ Fordham Marble ~ Safavieh ~ Ressource House of Paints 

                                                                                                                   “We are so excited and honored that the Bedford Playhouse Tasting & Green Room was selected for this incredible renovation opportunity. This will be a very important room for us where special guests, celebrities and speakers can relax before going on stage. Each of the venues in the new Playhouse has its own warm and wonderful personality. Thanks to Brittany and the C&G team’s creative stamp, our most elegant and intimate room yet is coming to fruition.”

– Sarah Long, Bedford Playhouse Board Chairman