~Sept. 28, 5-7pm — Bring Your Colors!~

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As a vibrant cultural center and community hub featuring arts-related programming, Bedford Playhouse is proud to partner with Atelier Omiros to present, Pure Abstraction in the Playhouse Café and Worby Theater.

This exhibition presents the artist Omiros at the juncture and conjuncture of his free space in abstraction and in figuration where Omiros began to create a new scale, a new definition of surface, a new syntax of relationships among the space, pigment and edge, forever extending the syntax of his pictorial language in art.

Free Space became Omiros’ calligraphy and by entering Omiros’ free space, and thus discovering the harmony in the midst of it, we become free too.

Omiros’ abstractions are the very active tiny particles that exist and collide in space that have become visible to him, in his quest to see if perspective really still exists beyond the end of space.

His grasp is so strong that he can grab them from space and they allow themselves to be placed onto his canvas in the colors and in the shapes they coalesce and form the chaos of space, they acquire virtues such as perspective, harmony, purity, simplicity and beautiful figural form.


The public is welcome to stop by for a coffee, a movie or a stroll and enjoy these masterpieces; the collection will be here through September 2019.

25% of art sales will be donated to Bedford Playhouse.