Last Updated: May 17, 2018


Greetings, we are Filmbot Inc (“Filmbot”), a software provider supporting our cinema partner’s website, box office station(s) and kiosk station(s) (the “Online Services” or “Platforms”). We provide point-of-sale ticketing software for these Platforms and collect information on behalf of our cinema partner. You should also read the cinema partner’s Privacy Policy to understand how they will use your information. At Filmbot (“Filmbot”, “we”, “us”, “our”), we care about the privacy of users of the Online Services, and the purpose of this Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) is to help users of the Online Services understand: (1) what types of personal information we may collect from users of the Online Services, (2) the purposes for which we use such information, (3) our disclosure policies, and (4) your rights regarding any personal information we collect. If you have any questions regarding the Online Services or this Policy, please feel free to contact us at your convenience at


Purpose of the Privacy Policy.


Filmbot is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy rights, and we created this Privacy Policy to give you (the user) notice of how your private information will (and will not) be used by us in connection with our Online Services (together with its subdomains, content and services). In simplified form (greater detail is below), our policy can be summarized as follows:


  1. We take privacy seriously.
  2. We do not collect information from children under 13 years of age.
  3. Tokenization technology supported by payment processor Monetary helps keep customer data secure.
  4. We will not sell or rent your personal information, but may share it with the cinema partners from which you have purchased tickets, as well as our third-party development partners when necessary for database and application testing and software improvements.
  5. We may track your purchase history via credit card token across the Filmbot point-of-sale system and complementary dining point-of-sale systems utilizing the Monetary gateway as part of cinema operations. This information may be shared with the cinemas from which you have purchased tickets so they may better understand their audience, market and offer incentives directly to their customers, and/or improve their service.
  6. When purchasing tickets to the cinema, we may give you the opportunity to Dine ‘n’ Dash, whereby you will be sent a link prior to the screening to access an online menu hosted by MobileBytes to begin selecting items for your upcoming dining order, set your preferred tip amount and charge the order to the same card used to originally buy the tickets without the need to sign a check at the end of the screening. By choosing to Dine ‘n’ Dash, you permit us to share the credit card token generated during your initial ticketing order with MobileBytes, so they may charge the same card for your dining purchase. Please see full Terms & Conditions hosted by MobileBytes when ordering through their service.
  7. We may aggregate information across cinema locations and chains.
  8. In certain legal situations, we may be compelled to disclose your information, but we will let you know if that occurs.
  9. If you are outside the United States, you understand and agree that we may store your information in the United States.
  10. You are always welcome to contact Filmbot to better understand how we handle customer data.


This Privacy Policy applies to the online websites and box office and kiosk stations where you visit and/or make purchases.


This policy describes how we treat specific types of personal and non-personally identifiable information through the Online Services where you visit and/or make purchases. By interacting with us, you consent to these practices.