Poster for I Am Smartacus: Trivia Night at the Playhouse

I Am Smartacus: Trivia Night at the Playhouse

Run Time: 60 min.

Think you can still rock trivial pursuit like you did in 1995? …. prove it.

Grab some friends and take your best shot at answering a range of FUN questions.  Play solo — or with a team (up to 6 ppl).
Prizes will be awarded to the winning team at the end of each night. The bar will be open and the cafe will be serving up some great food. Trivia Night meets every other Thursday with an occasional exception (see dates in the dropdown menu).

Cost to enter is $10.  Did we mention there’s beer?

Sample Questions:
Q: In the last scene of the movie When Harry Met Sally, Harry refers to a song after he and Sally kiss. What is the title of the song?

Q: What is the name of the bar in the Bedford Playhouse Café?

Q: Sirius, Canopus, Rigil Kentaurus, Arcturus and Vega. What do these names refer to?

~ ~ ~

Trivia Night is presented in collaboration with Rock Paper Scissors Custom Events.