Poster for “Norco ’80” Author Event with Peter Houlahan

“Norco ’80” Author Event with Peter Houlahan

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Run Time: 90 min.

Local author Peter Houlahan will bring this audience on a high-speed chase through his first book, Norco ’80!  Peter will discuss the history of this unbelievable event, present historical images from the crime scene, display police documents, insider reports, media coverage from the event and harrowing testimonials from locals at the scene. This author event will be one you won’t soon forget!

Book signing and sales following the author’s presentation and Q&A.

Norco ’80 tells the story of how five heavily armed young men—led by an apocalyptic born-again Christian—attempted a bank robbery that turned into one of the most violent criminal events in U.S. history, forever changing the face of American law enforcement. Part action thriller and part courtroom drama, Norco ’80 transports the reader back to the Southern California of the 1970s, an era of predatory evangelical gurus, doomsday predictions, megachurches, and soaring crime rates, with the threat of nuclear obliteration looming over it all.

“[An] alarming account of a bank heist that rocked the country in 1980 and reflected ‘the peculiar zeitgeist of that decade’ in all its cockeyed drama. For a first-time writer, Houlahan sure knows how to dramatize a scene. His cinematic treatment of the robbery itself reads like wildfire, the fatal shootout with the police ends in colorful chaos, and the huge manhunt through San Bernardino National Forest conducted by ‘Hunt & Kill Teams’ is a nail-biter.” —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

Tickets $15

Appropriate for ages 12 and up.