The Tinker Wins: A Concert Reading of a New Play

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Run Time: 90 min.

THE TINKER WINS is a comedy of an eccentric family who, when faced with a crisis, is forced to examine what family really means.

The mother raises monkeys, lions and llamas in the backyard.  The father spends much of his time submitting new names for planets and stars to astronomy societies.  One son believes legendary heroes such as Zorro and Robin Hood are real.  His sister assumes the roles of other personalities in order to understand their feelings.  The younger sister quotes historical references in preparation for a quiz show, while the oldest brother feels he is the only “normal” one in the household.
Featuring Emma Burke-Covitz, Jenna Isabella, Sean Latasa, Carolyn McCarthy, David Pollard, and Matt Stransky
David Alex has received three Awards from the Illinois Arts Council in Recognition in Playwriting, a Grant from the Pilgrim Foundation and has served as the Secretary of the Chicago Alliance for Playwrights and the Illinois Theatre Association. He is a proud member of the Joseph Jefferson Committee that recognizes excellence in Chicago theatre and the Dramatists Guild.  He lives in Chicago.