From Indie Darlings and Hidden Gems to Kids Classics and more — the Bedford Playhouse staff is building a library of great film recommendations to stream at home. We hope you enjoy these selections…


Bijhan Clarke, Director of Theater Operations, Film: I’m Still Here, Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Genre: Indie Fave; Available On: Amazon Prime, iTunes.
This intense mockumentary stars Joaquin Phoenix during a time in his career when he had given up acting to pursue life as …. a rapper. It is all shot by his friend Casey Affleck and gives a good look at Phoenix’s life on and off stage and a possible fabricated career implosion. Is the joke on them? Or us? Watch and find out...GREAT FLICK!


Juliette Koch, Director of Rentals and Events, lm: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Starring: Jim Carey & Kate Winslet, Genre: Drama, Available On: Amazon Prime, Starz
Imagine a world where you could erase an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend from your memory? That’s exactly what Jim Carey and Kate Winslet did in Charlie Kaufman’s academy award-winning screenplay, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This movie is so unique and engaging — it’s a constant maze of time-traveling storylines that make you feel crazy …but ultimately it settles into a beautiful and touching story. You will love it!


Dan Friedman, Director of Development and Programming, Film: Forget Paris, Starring: Billy Crystal & Debra Winger, Genre: Hidden Gem; Available On: Amazon Prime, HBOGo
Billy Crystal and Debra Winger play a couple who meet when his father’s coffin is misplaced by her airline.  The story of their relationship is told over the course of an evening by four couples, each of whom has their own unique take on what they perceive the relationship to be. It’s a fantastic alternate universe version of When Harry Met Sally.



Lindsay Hearon, Director of Marketing & Communications
Film: Midnight Run
Starring: Robert DeNiro, Charles Grodin
Genre: Comedy, R
Available On: Amazon Prime
Nominated for two Golden Globes, Robert DeNiro and Charles Grodin are perfection in this roller coaster comedy. What appears to be a cross-country action movie unfolding between the mob, bounty hunters and the FBI is really more of a hilarious look at an unexpected relationship between two very different people. One-liners and brilliant supporting roles from Joe Pantoliano and Dennis Farina make Midnight Run a welcome breath of comedic fresh air.

Dan Friedman, Director of Development and Programming
Film: A Midnight Clear
Starring: Peter Berg, Kevin Dillon
Genre: Drama, R
Available On: Amazon Prime
During Christmas of 1944, a squad of American soldiers find themselves holed up in a deserted house near the front lines.  They soon discover a squad of Germans occupying a nearby position who want to surrender.  One of the Americans has been acting in an unstable manner so they must stage an elaborate set-up to make sure he doesn’t do the wrong thing.  A great character study that shows what happens when young men are thrown into situations that they aren’t ready for.