Welcome to Virtual Playhouse — we are so excited for you to join us!
Never used Zoom or Zoom Webinar before? No need to worry — we have included step by step instructions on how to set up and use Zoom Webinar on your computer, tablet or smartphone!
How to participate:
1. Click on the Zoom Webinar link
a.) On our website’s homepage, select which program you are interested participating in ( i.e. Classic Tuesdays). After selecting the program you are interested in from our homepage, click the image associated with the program — this will bring you to a page with a full description of the program along with the Zoom link.
Click on the image (please reference green arrow in the image below):
b. ) Once arriving to the page,  click on the “Zoom Event Link”. Once clicking on this, Zoom will open up on your computer. Please see the sentence highlighted in in blue below for reference:
  • If you have never used Zoom: Prior to the scheduled discussion, please give yourself at least five minutes to set up. First, click on the proper Zoom link. This will prompt you to download zoom for your computer which could take several minutes. Then it will ask for your first name, last name and an email address.
2. A pop up box should appear on the screen shortly after clicking the Zoom Webinar link. Select the “Open Zoom” button.
This pop up should look like this:
3. After selecting the “Open Zoom” button, a pop up will appear asking for you to enter your email and name.
The pop up should look like this:
4. After providing an email and name in the pop up, click the “Join Webinar” button.
The blue “Join Webinar” button has been circled in green in the image below as a reference:
5. After selecting the “Join Webinar” button on the pop up, you will be added to the Zoom Webinar. In the Zoom Webinar your audio will be muted, unless the moderator chooses to turn on your audio. Your audio might turn on during the Q&A portion of the conversation. Your camera will never be turned on during the Zoom Webinar, only moderators will be shown on the screen.
Important Buttons
  • Raise Hand (circled red): the Raise Hand button allows you to notify the moderators you have a question or comment during the conversation. This feature is typically used during the Q&A component of the conversation.
  • Q&A (circled green): the Q&A button allows you to type questions for moderators to see during the Q&A component of the conversation. It is most likely that this will be the most used button during the conversation.
Enjoy the conversation!