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This fall, the Playhouse partnered with the Inclusive Initiative to bring films to the neurodivergent community monthly. The Playhouse staff  attended training  and the theater is now proudly a Certified Neurodivergent Supportive Business.

This monthly series will screen films in a safe and accepting environment.

Sound levels are lower and lights are dimmed. Participants are able to sing along, talk, dance, cry, walk around or shout. Everyone is welcome.

“Too often one parent has had to stay home with their child who finds the movie too loud, or who can’t sit still for the length of the screening. The sensory screenings hosted by The Bedford Playhouse have meant the ability to go to the movies as a family–no one left behind,” said Wendy Belzberg, founder of Inclusive Initiative in Katonah, NY.

“The Bedford Playhouse is the gold standard of inclusion and partnership. They have exceeded our expectations and our timelines in everything we asked: immediately implementing the sensory screenings; widely promoting the screenings; attending the neurodiversity training and proudly displaying their Inclusive Initiative certification. They are leading by example.”

“The Sensory-Friendly Series is an important addition to the mission-driven programming that the Playhouse offers. As a center for film, culture and the arts, we  strive to be a welcoming space  for all,” said CEO Marie Scanlan.  

Artistic Director, Dan Friedman, and staff-member Harry Smolin, who is also a consultant for the Theatre Development Fund’s (TDF) autism-friendly performances, choose movies for this series that will appeal to families and young adults.

Check out  Sensory-Friendly Screenings for upcoming films in the series. Click here to provide feedback on the Series. For more information on the Inclusive Initiative, visit 

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