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Stars in My Crown

Dates with showtimes for Stars in My Crown
  • Today, Feb 25

Director: Jacques Tourneur Run Time: 89 min. Rating: G Release Year: 1950

Starring: Alan Hale, Dean Stockwell, Ellen Drew, Joel McCrea, Lewis Stone

Folks in Walsburg may want to pay heed to the brace of pistols holstered onto Josiah Gray’s hips. In time, they may want to pay even more heed to the Bible in his hand. Gray (Joel McCrea) is the newly arrived parson in the woodsy post-Civil War Tennessee town. And the true test of his strength will come when, during his greatest and most dangerous challenge, he sets aside his six-shooters and relies on his faith. McCrea brings a quiet resolve to this touching tale burnished through the recall of the pastor’s impressionable nephew (Dean Stockwell). Based on the novel by Joe David Brown (who would later provide the source novel for Paper Moon), Stars in My Crown shines with a powerful, simple dignity.

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Green Light

Dates with showtimes for Green Light
  • Sun, Mar 3

Director: Frank Borzage Run Time: 85 min. Rating: Not Rated Release Year: 1937

Starring: Anita Louise, Cedric Hardwicke, Errol Flynn, Margaret Lindsay, Walter Abel

When an esteemed but aging surgeon makes a fatal mistake in the operating room, an idealistic young physician - moved by the older man's torment - takes the blame. It is a decision that will change his life forever. A young Errol Flynn headlines a poignant, romantic medical drama that sweeps from a great metropolitan hospital to the wilds of Montana, from career obsession to religious transformation. The film is based on a best-seller by Lloyd C. Douglas, whose other page-to-screen books include Magnificent Obsession and The Robe. Like those works, Green Light emphasizes spiritual values and the film's inspiring tone and redemptive storyline helped make it another hit for a charismatic star on the rise.

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Mrs. Miniver

Dates with showtimes for Mrs. Miniver
  • Sun, Mar 10

Director: William Wyler Run Time: 134 min. Rating: Not Rated Release Year: 1942

Starring: Greer Garson, May Whitty, Reginald Owen, Teresa Wright, Walter Pidgeon

Greer Garson delivers an Academy Award-winning performance as a British wife and mother whose courage and grace hold her family together through the terror of the World War II German Blitz -- Mrs. Miniver. In this film lauded by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, which eloquently captures the hopes of England and America at a time defeat by Nazi Germany seems imminent, Mrs. Kay Miniver (Garson) refuses to allow the war to destroy her family even as she huddles with her children through bombing raids, faces enemy paratroopers and fears for her husband's life as he fights in a string of crushing defeats.

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Red Beard

Dates with showtimes for Red Beard
  • Sun, Mar 17

Director: Akira Kurosawa Run Time: 185 min. Rating: Not Rated Release Year: 1965 Language: Japanese

Starring: Miyuki Kuwano, Reiko Dan, Toshirō Mifune, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Yūzō Kayama

A testament to the goodness of humankind, Akira Kurosawa's Red Beard (Akahige) chronicles the tumultuous relationship between an arrogant young doctor and a compassionate clinic director. Toshiro Mifune, in his last role for Kurosawa, gives a powerhouse performance as the dignified yet empathic director who guides his pupil to maturity, teaching the embittered intern to appreciate the lives of his destitute patients. Perfectly capturing the look and feel of 19th-century Japan, Kurosawa weaves a fascinating tapestry of time, place, and emotion.

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