Poster for Kiss The Ground Documentary and Q&A

Kiss The Ground Documentary and Q&A

Run Time: 60 min.

Beneath your feet lies a tool for healthier food, cleaner water, and less carbon in our atmosphere. Hint: it’s as old and as cheap as dirt.

Bedford 2030 and the Bedford Playhouse are teaming up to share the inspiring and star-studded documentary Kiss the Ground, which unveils the power of soil to heal the environment and improve the health of people and animals alike.

We’ve also assembled an amazing panel of experts with firsthand experience in regenerative agriculture and carbon capture, who will help us to scale this climate solution down to the community level. What can we learn in Bedford? What can we do at home to harness the power of soil?

All registrants will receive a link to watch the film on February 12, or the film can be viewed at any time on Netflix.

Then, join our Zoom panel on Tuesday February 16th at 7:30pm to break down the concepts of the film and explore what it means for all of us as a community of changemakers.

Our conversation will be moderated by Karen Simons, Bedford 2030 board member and Principal of Hudson Varick Resources, Ltd.

We are excited to welcome to our panel:

– Kris Covey: a professor of environmental studies and sciences at Skidmore. After designing the global study that provided the first robust estimate of number of trees on earth (3.04 trillion), Kris turned his focus to large-scale soil carbon mapping using a novel combination of existing technologies. More broadly, Kris’s research explores our understanding of terrestrial ecosystems and their role in climate and life. He is also a co-founder of the Quick Carbon research program and serves as a researcher at Caney Fork Farms (the family farm of Al Gore) to work on their ambitious carbon capture plan.

– Tim Joseph: the Founder of Maple Hill Creamery, the preeminent organic grass-fed dairy brand in the US. In 2004, Tim and his wife Laura started milking 64 cows on their 250-acre dairy farm in Central New York, with no prior farming experience. By 2007 they had transitioned their herd to both certified organic and 100% grass-fed, and in 2009 Tim created the company’s “creamline” yogurt on his kitchen stovetop. Maple Hill has since grown to source milk from 160 family farms in Upstate NY. Maple Hill’s Milk, Yogurt and Kefir are distributed nationally.”

– Dan Matsch: has worked in recycling, composting, and organic farming since 1982. He is currently spearheading Eco-Cycle’s new focus on utilizing organic waste and other resources in a local and global effort to restore healthy soil and sequester carbon to re-stabilize the atmosphere. In addition to his work at Eco-Cycle, Dan serves as vice-chair of Colorado’s US Compost Council state chapter. Dan enjoys gardening and being in the Colorado outdoors in his free time.