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Poster for Lady Capulet

Lady Capulet

Coming on August 18

Run Time: 120 min.

Bring a picnic or purchase movie concessions, soft drinks, wine and beer from the Playhouse and enjoy this original prequel to Romeo & Juliet. What caused the feud between the Montagues and Capulets? Shakespeare doesn’t tell us, but Lady Capulet does. Nominated for “Most Memorable Modern Updates & Adaptations of 2020 and 2021” by New York Shakespeare, LADY CAPULET, a prequel to Romeo & Juliet, follows the journey of Rose from country girl to matriarch, navigating her repression and power in 16th century Verona when family, social status, and gender determine everything. LADY CAPULET, a Henley Rose Playwright Competition for Women 2017 Finalist, was written by Melissa Bell and is directed by Emily Gallagher, Founder and Artistic Director of Barefoot Shakespeare. With original recorded music by Graham Russell of Air Supply. Featuring Jianzi Colón-Soto, Preston Fox, Andrew Dunn, Emily Gallagher, and Jefferson Reardon. “Tantalizing”… “Juicy” said, and Time Out said: “Melissa Bell reimagines the life of Juliet’s mother in the years before the events of Romeo & Juliet in this classical prequel.”

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