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Poster for Playreading: Fair Housing with Round the Bend Theatre

Playreading: Fair Housing with Round the Bend Theatre

Coming on October 15

Run Time: 150 min.

The latest installment of the Playhouse Playreading series, presented in partnership with Round the Bend Theatre.  Directed by Beth Ryan Troxell.

The 1968 Fair Housing Act was supposed to prohibit racial, religious and gender based housing discrimination. Fast forward to 1972 White Plains NY. When Shirley Chisholm supporter Tina Lucas finds the perfect apartment, the landlady, Peggy Manning, refuses to accept her application because she won’t rent to just “anyone.” Is it really just “anyone” or is it because Tina Lucas is Black?

Jessica Feder-Birnbaum’s plays have had readings, workshops and productions in New York, regionally, and virtually. Publications: BEST WOMEN’S STAGE MONOLOGUES of 2022, BEST WOMEN’S AND BEST MEN’S STAGE MONOLOGUES of 2023 (Smith & Kraus). Member: Dramatists Guild. Honor Roll! Full Circle Cohort/Board Member Clutch Productions. Initiating Artist: Jewish Theatre Circle. League of Professional Theatre Women.

Round The Bend Theatre is a mobile theater company with a mission to encourage Hudson Valley playwrights and their work in development. Through the process of inclusive readings and reflection, new voices are nurtured for future work.

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