The Dog Doc, Screening + Q&A with Dr. Marty Goldstein and Filmmaker Cindy Meehl

Run Time: 101 min.

Join us for a screening of Dog Doc followed by an audience Q&A with “super vet” Dr. Marty Goldstein and Filmmaker Cindy Meehl, moderated by Joni Evans.

Calling All Animal Lovers…

This special event is for anyone that has ever gazed into the eyes of a sick pet and wished they could do more.  Called a maverick, a miracle-worker, and a quack, Dr. Marty Goldstein is a pioneer of integrative veterinary medicine. By holistically treating animals after other vets have given up, Goldstein provides a last hope for pet owners with nothing left to lose.

Dr. Goldstein has appeared on Oprah! and the film debuted at Tribeca Film Festival 2019.

Cindy Meehl is an award-winning Filmmaker known best for her extraordinary Sundance Audience Award-winning film BUCK.

Standard ticket price ($14 adult, $22 premium recliner, $12 senior, $12 child).