Poster for The Making of Monsters with Ron Hutchinson & Brian Dennehy

The Making of Monsters with Ron Hutchinson & Brian Dennehy

Run Time: 120 min.

Based on his memoir, Emmy-winning screenwriter Ron Hutchinson offers an insider’s look at the ways of Hollywood — detailed accounts about what actually happens on a location and the real job of the “actor”.   In this live theatrical performance, on stage with Mr. Hutchinson to sort through the wreckage of what could have been a career-ending disaster for himself will be actor Kevin O’Brien and a special appearance by Golden Globe and Tony Award winner Brian Dennehy as Marlon Brando.

Guests will hear the inside story on what is often regarded as one of the most hyped but worst movies of all time – the $60 million “train wreck” The Island of Dr. Moreau with a cast of characters including Brando, Val Kilmer, David Thewlis and John Frankenheimer.


The show features a Q&A after the performance and Mr. Hutchinson’s book ‘Clinging To The Iceberg – Writing For A Living On The Stage And Hollywood’ will be available for signing and purchase.