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Poster for Up Close with Andy Hammerstein and V.L. Cox

Up Close with Andy Hammerstein and V.L. Cox

Coming on February 22

Run Time: 90 min.

Expanding on his Q&A in Connect to Northern Westchester’s January/February issue, Andy Hammerstein sits down with artist V.L. Cox to discuss her life and work.

Born in Louisiana and raised in Arkansas, artist V.L. Cox is best known for her work surrounding issues of human rights and equality, which has made her both a hero and a villain. Her work has appeared in galleries and museums throughout the country. Cox’s “Images of the American South” collection, a 30-year narrative using original historical and vintage objects to tell a story, is part of the United States Library of Congress.

Raised with the help of influential civil rights activists, Cox’s 30-year career turned political in 2015 when the Arkansas State legislature attempted to pass one of the first religious freedom bills. It prompted her to create THE END HATE DOORS series which instantly went viral and changed the course of her career in both positive (the doors went on a two-year tour) and negative (she received threats from a member of the Ku Klux Klan) ways.

Hammerstein and Cox, who now lives in Peekskill, will discuss everything from her early years living with an abusive mother to fleeing Arkansas in 2021, fearing for future.

Don’t miss this intimate talk that will leave you moved and inspired.

V.L. Cox

Andy Hammerstein

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