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One, Two, Three

Opens on April 30

Director: Billy Wilder Run Time: 115 min. Rating: Not Rated Release Year: 1961

Starring: Horst Buchholz, Howard St. John, James Cagney, Liselotte Pulver, Pamela Tiffin

James Cagney “gives one of the richest, funniest, most breathlessly paced performances of his career” (The New York Times) in this Billy Wilder comedy that defrosts the Cold War with gales of laughter! C.R. MacNamara (Cagney), a top-ranking executive stationed in West Berlin, is charged with the care of his boss’ visiting daughter. But when he learns that she’s gone and married a fierce young communist – and that his boss will be arriving in town in 24 hours – Mac must transform the unwilling beatnik into a suitable son-in-law or risk losing his chance for advancement! Before you can say “one, two, three,” his plans have spun out of control and into an international incident that could infuriate the Russians, the Germans and, worst of all, his own suspicious wife (Arlene Francis)!


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